• Q&A: Hanna Skandera

    New Mexico’s former state chief talks ed reform

  • Uncommon Sense for Education Reformers

    A review of Commitment and Common Sense by David P. Driscoll

  • Should We Limit “Screen Time” in School?

    Debating the wisest use of technology in the classroom

  • Success Story

    A review of “The Education of Eva Moskowitz: A Memoir”

  • Big Data Transforms Education Research

    Can machine learning unlock the keys to great teaching?

  • A Rosy Vision for the Public Schools

    A review of “Addicted to Reform” by John Merrow

What We’re Watching: A Year of Love and Struggle at Ron Brown College Prep

In August 2016, a new public school opened in Washington, D.C. specifically to meet the needs of boys of color. A three-part audio documentary looks at how things went for the students and the school in its first year.

EdNext Podcast: Using Technology to Advance Student Learning

Tom Vander Ark joins Marty West to discuss the benefits of technology in schools and why it would be a mistake to reject the use of computers in the classroom.

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